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Trained as an architect at the Rhode Island School of Design, he has far-reaching interests in 20th-century art, fashion, literature, sociology, architectural and social history, and a general interest in objects as cultural artifacts.

  • Clients: Ethan Hunt
  • Completion: February 5th, 2017
  • Project Type: Villa, Residence
  • Architects: Logan Cee

“Art for me is the ultimate luxury, and probabably the single most memorable and defining aspect of a home.”


With a focus on interior projects, Bauhaus joins architectural concepts with thoughtful applications of lighting, fabric and distinctive furnishings and is committed to providing beautiful and extremely livable environments in which his clients are inspired to fully express themselves.

For these superbly conceived and constructed spaces, Bauhaus orchestrates furnishings, lighting and fabrics which are chosen in close collaboration with the client. Beautifully executed mill work, finishes, custom furniture, and accessories are the result

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